Why you should eat foods high in protein

When not enough protein is consumed, it becomes difficult to lose weight, as well as to gain
At the same time, according to numerous studies, protein consumption has many benefits, which we will discuss in this article. The most popular option to get protein – is food. But sometimes that’s not enough for the result person needs. APF LB Broth Miller is the additional option for such a case.

Eating high-protein foods reduces appetite and helps you lose weight

The three macronutrients-fats, proteins, and carbohydrates-act in different ways, and proteins are the best at satiating, allowing you to stay satiated at the expense of less food. This has been reported in various studies. This is partly because eating protein foods lowers levels of ghrelin, which is called the hunger hormone, and increases levels of peptide YY, which is responsible for feeling satiated.

Separate studies have shown that increasing the proportion of protein in the diet, helps to reduce hunger and lose weight. So if you are watching your figure and want to lose a few pounds, add more protein foods to your diet, such as meat, fish, dairy products, cottage cheese, etc.

Food for athletes and bodybuilders

It is known that building muscle mass requires a lot of protein. This has been confirmed by numerous studies. In addition, protein is necessary if you lose weight, but want to maintain muscle mass.

Specialists at Yagota Butter Factory have developed a new fermented milk drink Sourdough PRO, which features a reduced fat content (0.5%) and an increased content of milk protein. Whereas ordinary sourdough starter has 2.8% of milk protein, the PRO sourdough starter has at least 4.5%. The sourdough starter comes in a 450-gram bottle containing at least 20 grams of protein. Sourdough PRO comes without fillers and with strawberries.

Protein helps burn calories

One study compared two groups of participants: those who consumed more protein and those who consumed less. It turned out that the first group burned more calories than the second.

In addition, it is known that eating a high-protein meal will increase resting energy expenditure (the amount of calories that are expended after exercising at the gym and even while sleeping).